John Durkin


In the event that you are incapacitated or seriously ill or injured,  do you have the documents you need so that the decisions made regarding your health, life and property are the ones that you want made?  If not, be sure you have your Advance Health Directive and Durable Power of Attorney properly prepared, signed an notarized in the very near future

Do you want to save your loved ones time and dollars?  Do you want to avoid probate?  With today's high value of California real estate, anyone owning a home in California probably needs a living trust to be sure their heirs do not need to wait months and spend dollars needlessly, in order to get ownership of the property that is rightfully theirs.

Are you a new entity needing to get your tax planning in order?.  Are any of the California enforcement agencies or the IRS knocking at the door or already inside?  

Do you have personal tax issues that need addressed?

Be prepared before you need help, get help when you need it.  That is what we do. 

Attorney at law

Starting a new business?  Should you form a corporation or limited liability company?  Are you alone or do you have partners?  Do you know what insurance you need?  

Are you in business?  Is your organization properly set up?  Are you in compliance with local, state and federal regulations?  Are you company records in order?  Are you in compliance with employment laws?  Are your business relationships properly set fort in binding contracts?

If you answered YES to all, you're in great shape!  However if you answered NO or I AM NOT SURE, call us.